Keeping Distance
Enter the Vortex
Greetings Light Beings!

Welcome to Keeping Distance: The Realm of Source Connection through Vibrational Fundamentals

While building a High Vibrational Fashion GameFi & NFT Collection we invite you along on a trip to our vortex where connecting with the source is our greatest gift. In this realm we aim to guide you to a higher consciousness through pinnacle energy & light properties that influence awakening, activation, healing, and transformation. This will be expressed throughout patterns, colors, sounds & the connection throughout them that influences the key term: alignment. In order to set the tone we narrowed it down & are guided through the...
3 Core Vibrational Fundamentals:
  • โ€‹Colors: Chakra Colors, Brotherhoods + Color Theory
  • โ€‹Frequencies: Binaural Beats & Electromagnetic
  • โ€‹Sacred Geometry: Platonic Solids & Architecture
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